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Tesco Mobile to launch Tesco Hudl smartphone in 2014

By Kevin Thomas on 07th May 2014

Tesco Hudl smartphone


Tesco Mobile launched its Hudl tablet (above) in 2013 and has since sold over 550,000 units. The supermarket is now gearing up to repeat its success with a self-branded Hudl smartphone.


The news broke via an interview with Philip Clark, Tesco CEO, on BBC’s Radio 5 programme. He confirmed “the device would be pre-installed with Tesco services”.


The Hudl tablet came with a breath-taking price of just £119 and was aimed at competing with similar priced tablets such as Argos’ own branded tablet called the MyTablet. In essence the Hudl tablet came with a low end specification and price.


The BBC interviewer put forward evidence that Tesco Mobile plans to launch the Hudl smartphone as a high end Android smartphone at a mid-range price. Therefore it is possible that the Hudl smartphone could land with a price of around £325.


This would mean it challenges high end smartphones like the Galaxy S5, which costs £550, but would be £225 cheaper.


At this price expect the Hudl smartphone to come with a plastic construction and run on Stock Android with a few User Interface tweaks to accommodate Tesco’s bespoke apps and services.


We would expect the Tesco Hudl smartphone to come with 4G connectivity as the company offers 4G at no extra cost. We'd also like to think the Hudl smartphone would come with NFC. This would allow customers to pay for goods at the checkout, by swiping their smartphones over an NFC card reader.


3G will be hunting down more details of the Tesco Hudl smartphone and, in particular, the specification and pricing details.

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