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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and S5 Google Play Edition both get Bluetooth certification

By Kevin Thomas on 19th May 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 GPE

With all the tests and certifications a phone needs to go through before launch it can be very hard to keep handsets a secret, so despite the fact that Samsung claims there isn’t going to be a Galaxy S5 Prime, the evidence of its existence keeps on mounting, with the latest hint coming in the form of a Bluetooth certification.

A handset with the model number SM-G906L, which is believed to be the Galaxy S5 Prime, has been submitted to the Bluetooth SIG, where it was spotted by GSMArena. That submission doesn’t reveal much about it other than the fact that it will support Bluetooth 4.0, but it’s some fairly compelling evidence for its existence and suggests that it might hit its rumoured June launch date.

We sure do hope it’s the real deal, because with rumours of a Quad HD screen, a Snapdragon 805 chipset and possibly even a metal body this is a handset to get very excited about.

Alongside it, the Google Play Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (mockup pictured above) has also passed through the Bluetooth SIG. This was a phone that we were already pretty sure existed as it briefly appeared in the Google Play Store a couple of weeks ago.

The listing on the Bluetooth SIG database doesn’t tell us any more about it than it does about the S5 Prime, but Play Editions have so far had the same hardware as the normal handset, just with stock Android rather than a manufacturer overlay, which in this case means TouchWiz will be gone.

The other advantage of Google Play Editions is that they are likely to get day one updates to new versions of Android while they continue to be supported. There’s no word yet on when it will launch or how much it will cost, but it’s likely to be similar in price to the standard Galaxy S5, if not a little cheaper, while the S5 Prime is likely to be slightly more expensive than the standard model.


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