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Nokia Lumia 630 is just weeks away from a UK launch

By Kevin Thomas on 20th May 2014

Nokia Lumia 630 is just weeks away from a UK launch

Nokia’s latest low end smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 630, has already launched in Asia and it’s expected to land in the UK, Europe and the US in the coming weeks.


In fact the release could be just around the corner as Carphone Warehouse, O2 and Clove all list the handset as ‘coming soon’ on their sites.


None of them include prices, but the phone is expected to retail for 119 Euros (£97) before taxes and subsidies, so here in the UK we can expect it to probably come in at around £120 once you account for VAT.


That puts it at around the same sort of price as Motorola’s hugely successful Moto G, but Nokia is known for delivering impressive entry level devices and the Lumia 630 looks like no exception, with its 4.5 inch IPS LCD display, 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor and 5 megapixel camera.


It only has 512MB of RAM, but then Windows Phone has proved time and again that it can run fine on such a small amount and it only has 8GB of built in storage but it also has a microSD card slot.


More excitingly, the Nokia Lumia 630 will be one of the first phones to ship with Windows Phone 8.1, complete with new features such as Action Centre, which gives you quick access to notifications and commonly used settings. Ultimately the Lumia 630 will also get the Cortana virtual assistant, though initially that’s US-only.


The Lumia 630 also uses low power SensorCore technology, which allows apps to track your movement without having much impact on the 1830 mAh battery, giving it a similar selling point to the M7 motion co-processor in the iPhone 5S.


In other words you get a whole lot of phone for your money, though premium features like 4G and NFC are absent.



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