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Moto E vs Moto G vs Moto G 4G: Which is the best value?

By Kevin Thomas on 19th May 2014

 Motorola Moto E vs Moto G


Motorola has rapidly become the king of budget handsets. The Moto G is the company’s most successful smartphone ever, delivering mid-range specs at an entry level price, while the Moto G with 4G improves things with the addition of, well, 4G and also a microSD card slot, without boosting the price too much and the Moto E is a solid entry level handset at a truly bargain bucket price tag.


So they’re all good phones and they’re all good value, but which is the best value?



To answer that we first have to look at exactly how much each phone costs. At the bottom end there’s the Motorola Moto E for £89. Next up there’s the Motorola Moto G which normally starts at around £120, but if you shop around you can often find it for around £100, while the most expensive of the three is the Moto G with 4G, which comes in at around £149.

So going by their standard prices the Moto G is around £30 more expensive than the Moto E and the Moto G with 4G is around £30 more expensive still.


Specification and Features

The Moto E is undeniably great value, coming in as it does at under £100, while delivering a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and a 4.3 inch screen. It also has a microSD card slot, which the Moto G doesn’t, but then it only has 4GB of built in storage so such a slot is all but essential.

So you miss out on a microSD card slot if you buy a Moto G and you pay £30 more, but for our money it’s still better value as it has a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and a better one at that as it’s a Snapdragon 400, while the Moto E uses a Snapdragon 200 chip. Both phones have 1GB of RAM but the Moto G has a substantially better screen. It’s bigger at 4.5 inches and its 720 x 1280 resolution is markedly higher than the 540 x 960 resolution Moto E.

Both phones have 5 megapixel main cameras, but the Moto G has a flash, which the Moto E doesn’t and it has a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera while the Moto E has no front facing camera at all.

The Moto G also has a choice of 8 or 16GB of storage, for £120 you only get 8GB but that’s still double what the Moto E comes with, though again it doesn’t have a microSD card slot, which the Moto E does.


The inners of all 3 smartphones have been treated with a water-resistant nano-coating and although that doesn't make it waterproof it should protect the smartphone from small splashes. The Moto E has gone one step further with a new splashguard to protect it from everyday splashes.


The Moto G's better screen, processor, camera and storage capacity make it easily worth the extra £30 and better value overall than the Moto E, and that’s before you even consider that it’s often on sale for around £100.

Things become a bit more complicated once you add the Moto G with 4G to the mix, but not much more. This is a handset which fixes arguably the two biggest problems with the Moto G- the absence of either 4G or a microSD card slot. It also comes with Android 4.4.2, as does the Moto E. The Moto G being the oldest of the three doesn’t but it’s already upgradeable to it, so that’s not really a factor.

Looking purely at the additions of 4G and a microSD card slot then, there’s no denying that they improve on an already good handset, but they’re not as substantial additions as those seen from the Moto E to the Moto G and as such they’re less worth £30 of your money. As with the other two phones, the Moto G with 4G is a fantastic value handset, it’s also the best of the three overall, but the standard Moto G marginally trumps it when it comes to value for money.



If you can stretch to £150 or really want 4G and a lot of storage then buy the Moto G with 4G and know that you’ve got one of the best mid-range phones around, but if money is tight or you’re just looking for the best value phone then the standard Motorola Moto G is the one to go for. It packs in an insane amount of tech for the money and you’d be sacrificing a lot of that to buy the £30 cheaper Moto E, while you’d only get a couple of additions by spending £30 more on the Moto G with 4G.


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