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LG G Watch teased in new video

By Simon Thomas on 14th May 2014



The LG G Watch has been on the horizon for a while but it’s now popped up in an official LG teaser video, suggesting it will be unveiled and launched sooner rather than later.

The very dramatic video doesn’t tell us a whole lot, but it does claim that the wearable is sleek and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear all day, that it has a metal body (though by the looks of things a plastic or rubber strap) and that it’s waterproof so it’s safe to use outdoors in the rain.

It will be one of the first devices powered by Android Wear and as such it will of course be compatible with Android smartphones. That’s about all the video reveals but it does also give us a closer look at the watch, which, to be honest, looks like any other smartwatch. Until manufacturers realise that in the world of wearables style is as important as utility we’re not sure how mainstream they’ll become.

LG G Watch
But the G Watch’s software should at least be compelling even if its design isn’t. Android Wear seems to make use of Google Now for voice operation, with the G Watch responding to commands as soon as you say ‘Ok Google’, so it should hopefully be easy to control hands free, though there is a touchscreen as well.

Its screen stays on at all times too, so you can always see the time without having to press a button. That’s obviously a battery drain but LG claims that it will still be able to last a day between charges, which isn’t exactly great but presumably you’ll just have to get into a routine of charging it alongside your phone.

It’s not clear yet how well the G Watch will stack up to rivals like the Samsung Gear 2 and nor has LG revealed the price of its upcoming wearable.

There’s no word yet on when the G Watch will launch either, but LG is holding an even on the 27th of May where we’re expecting to see the LG G3 and perhaps with any luck this will feature too. After all now that LG has released a teaser video it must be planning to let the cat out of the bag soon.


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