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iPhone 6 September launch is looking likely

By Kevin Thomas on 20th May 2014

Apple Retail Store


There were already rumours that the iPhone 6 would launch in September, but now Apple fan site is reporting that employees at German Apple stores are being banned from taking time off during the month.


Logically that would only happen if Apple was expecting September to be a very busy time and the only reason to expect that would be if a new Apple device was being launched. Admittedly, that device could be a new iPad or even the fabled iWatch, but as we’ve heard September rumours for the iPhone 6 before and as the last two models came out in September it seems like a pretty safe bet that that’s what we’ll be seeing.


So what do you have to look forward to? Well, nothing’s confirmed just yet, but rumours point to two different size points being released, a 4.7 inch model and a 5.5 inch phablet. That’s a big change for the iPhone which has previously been on the small side as far as smartphones go. Whether or not we’ll see both models in September is unclear though.


It’s also expected that the new phones will have a more rounded design, perhaps a bit like the iPhone 3GS or the Samsung Galaxy S4 and that they will come with ‘Healthbook’, which is an app that can monitor all sorts of health and fitness related things, from steps taken and calories burnt all the way to blood pressure and glucose levels. Though it’s questionable whether the iPhone 6 itself will be able to do all this or whether some of those features will require the iWatch.


Either way, the iPhone 6 is set to be one of the biggest and most exciting smartphone launches this year. So make a note in your calendar and start counting down the days till September.

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