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Google Nexus 8 surfaces with new front facing speakers and rounded edges

By Kevin Thomas on 28th May 2014

Google Nexus 8

Google Nexus 8 tablet, has it been officially leaked?

Google’s next annual technology conference known as Google I/O will soon be upon us (June 25/26).


It’s not really then a surprise to hear that Google has posted a fairly clear picture of a mystery tablet to raise the hype regarding the event.


Many believe the picture, as above, is the first image of the Google Nexus 8 and we can’t disagree.


If this is the case, and we have no reason to doubt this, then the Google Nexus 8 will come with new front facing speakers and some neat rounded edges.


We recall that the Google Nexus 8 is rumoured to be being manufactured by HTC. The company, of course, have relevant manufacturing expertise in the form of HTC BoomSound and the manufacture of the HTC One M8’s front facing speakers.


The real news we are looking for is around the form and specification of the Google Nexus 8. To-date, this has not been leaked, so we may have to wait a few weeks until Google’s  I/O event to learn more.


We will try to find out more for the Nexus 8 but with the event beginning on June 25th either way we won’t have to wait long for all to be revealed.

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