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First Galaxy S5 update touches downs, fingerprint scanner and camera improved

By Simon Thomas on 21st May 2014

Samsung have begun rolling out the first software update for the Galaxy S5, which brings improved camera and fingerprint scanner performance.


After the update users should notice improvements in the accuracy and recognition of the Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner, which previously fell a little below the standard set by the iPhone 5S's TouchID fingerprint scanner.


The camera and gallery now open much faster than before, while capturing HDR images in low-light is also significantly quicker.  That will be music to the ears of users who've complained about laggy camera performance and the slow startup of the gallery app.


The new firmware is now rolling out to International versions of Samsung's flagship smartphone (SM-G900F) and is already available in the UK over Samsung's Kies software. It'll roll out globally in the coming weeks, but those with operator-branded handsets will have to wait for their network to test and approve the firmware.


Those who want to install the firmware manually can download it here, but do so at their own risk.


Have you successfully installed the update? Let us know if you've spotted any improvements we havn't already pointed out.

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