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EE unveil UK's lowest-priced 4G tablet, a 4G router for your car and more

By Simon Thomas on 22nd May 2014

EE Eagle Tablet and new 4G routers


EE already have the biggest and fastest network in the UK, but they are also making waves in the hardware market with their own range of devices.


The EE Kestel is already the UK's lowest-priced Pay As You Go 4G phone at just £99.99 and now they've unveiled the UK's cheapest 4G tablet and a range of new 4G WiFi dongles, including one designed for use in the car.


EE Eagle

EE Eagle

The Eagle, which is based on the Huawei MediaPad M1, comes with an 8-inch display (800 x 1280 resolution) and is gunning for the higher-priced iPad Mini. It's powered by a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, has a 5 mega-pixel camera and comes pre-loaded with Android Jelly Bean.

It'll go on sale on May 28th and is priced at just £199.99 on Pay As You Go, or £49.99 on one of EE's pay monthly 4G tariffs which start from £15 a month. That's certainly a competitive price-point and puts it right in competition with Google's hugely succesful Nexus 7.

We'll be looking at the Eagle in-depth very soon, including posting our comprehensive review of EE's tablet.

4G for your car

EE Buzzard

EE have also added unveiled a new 4G router for the car called the Buzzard. It's powered by a car's cigarette lighter through an included USB adapter (12V), or directly into a car's USB port, and can share a single 4G connection with up to ten devices using WiFi by creating a personal 4G WiFi hotspot. 


Cleverly the plug and play device comes with a unique storage container that fits perfectly into a vehicle's cup holder. EE have also confirmed to that the Buzzard can be used with desktop PCs and laptops (Windows and Mac platforms) and works with any powered USB port.


When it comes to cost it's priced at £49.99 on Pay As You Go, or from £10 a month (£19 upfront) on pay monthly plans and will go on sale on May 28th. It's the perfect thing to keep the kids quiet on those long trips in the car and we think it's a great idea because tethering using your phone drains your battery so fast and can often be unreliable.


Rugged 4G WiFi unit and one for business users

EE Osprey

EE have also unveiled a new rugged and colourful 4G WiFi unit called the Osprey, which is aimed at younger users and will go on sale on May 28th. It can share a 4G connection with up to 10 devices over a personal WiFi hotspot and is costs just £49.99 on Pay As You Go, or from £10 a month on EE's 4G tariffs (£19 upfront).

EE Kite

The final new 4G WiFi router is the Kite, which is a sleek, pocket-sized device that is aimed at business users. It'll go on sale in July and can also share a single connection with up to 10 devices. When it comes to prices it'll set you back £69.99 on Pay As You Go, or from £10 a month (£29 upfront) on monthly tariffs.

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