Best Android Smartwatches – Our spin on the best smartwatches out there


Smartwatches are still a relatively new concept but companies have been quick to jump on the idea and release their own. The number and popularity of the devices is only going to increase, especially now that Google has developed Android Wear specifically for wearables.


Not every smartwatch runs Android, in fact until the first wave of Android Wear ones arrive there’s only a relatively small number that do, but if you just can’t wait to get Android on your wrist then there are a few that are worth considering and these are the best.


Sony Smartwatch 2


Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony Smartwatch 2 is arguably the best Android smartwatch yet. As smartwatches go it’s reasonably attractive, with a stylish watch face, complete with Sony’s now famous round metal power button. It also has a changeable strap so you can swap the one it comes with out for something more fashionable.


Like any good smartwatch it’s dust and water resistant so you needn’t be afraid to actually wear it and it replicates various smartphone features, such as being able to receive and read messages.


The Sony Smartwatch 2 is also compatible with a number of apps, giving you access to the likes of Twitter and Facebook. The small display and slightly sluggish operation mean that it’s not as compelling a way to experience these things as on a smartphone, but it saves you having to fish your smartphone from your bag or pocket, which is sort of the whole point. All that and it can be yours for around £100.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung pulled all the stops out for its first smartwatch. You can make calls, receive messages, take photos and even shoot videos with the Galaxy Gear. Many operations support voice control, so it’s largely hands-free and you can use your voice to create memo’s and schedules.


Plus it has a premium if chunky design, with a metal watch face and it supports numerous apps. It’s the most full featured Android smartwatch on the market but with prices starting at around £150 it’s not cheap.


Samsung has since released an even more expensive successor to the Galaxy Gear, the Samsung Gear 2 (Read our review here), but in a surprising move it runs Tizen rather than Android (although it's still compatable with Android smartphones).


Read our Samsung Galaxy Gear Review


Sony Smartwatch

Sony smartwatch


Sony’s previous Smartwatch (confusingly known in some places as the LiveWatch 2) is starting to look a bit dated now. Design wise it’s similar to the Sony Smartwatch 2 and looks reasonably expensive thanks to an aluminium frame around the watch face. It’s reasonably well featured too, with various apps allowing you to listen to music, receive notifications, read messages and check in on social networks.


On the flip side the display is fairly low resolution and the interface isn’t all that intuitive, but the real draw of this smartwatch is that it’s available for just around £60, so if you’re not sure you want to splash £100+ on such a device this is a good starting point.


So there you have it, the three best Android smartwatches available right now. Stay tuned this year though, because the market is set to explode with new entries.



Upcoming Releases


Over the next couple of months a number of new smartwatches are due to be launched, including the LG G Watch and the Moto 360.


Checkout the latest news on all the upcoming smartwatch releases here.

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By Kevin Thomas on 09th May, 2014

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