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Nokia Lumia 925 vs Lumia 920 : How Do They Differ ?

By Simon Thomas on 14th May 2013

Nokia have unveiled the Nokia Lumia 925, but how does it differ from the Nokia Lumia 920 ?

Nokia have now unveiled the Lumia 925, previously code-named the Catwalk, which is being described as a "new interpretation" on the Lumia 920. The core-specification of the two smartphones are very similar , but what are the differences between the two Windows Phone 8 devices ?


Nokia Lumia 925 - All New Design

Nokia's Lumia 920 was well received , but one of the major stumbling blocks was its size and weight. Thankfully, Nokia have changed everything with the Lumia 925 , which has been slimmed down to 139g (46g lighter) and is now just 8.8 mm thick (2.2mm thinner).


Nokia have always been proud of the vibrant colour range of their Lumia range. However, it could be argued that it didn't give the smartphones the premium finish associated with the likes of Apple's iPhone.


The Nokia Lumia 925 changes all of this because it comes with a stylish aluminum frame and is only available in White, Grey or Black. Does this mark a change in Nokia's design philosophy ? We guess it all depends how well the Lumia 925 is received, but we think it's a positive change.


Lack Of Wireless Charging & Lower On-board Memory


One of the major downsides of the new design is that you lose support for wireless QI charging, which was included on the Lumia 920. However, you can purchase a clip-on charging accessory , which brings wireless charging to the Lumia 925.


Additionally, the on-board memory has been reduced from 32GB to 16GB on Nokia's new slimline Windows Phone 8 smartphone. However, there will be a 32GB model that will be available exclusively from Vodafone.


Lumia 925 Improved Pureview Camera & AMOLED Display


The Nokia Lumia 925 has a slightly improved Pureview camera thanks to the inclusion of a sixth camera lens. This should lead to better snaps being produced by the smartphone's 8.7 mega-pixel Pureview camera. Although, we can't help being slightly disappointed not to get the 41 mega-pixel camera present on the Pureview 808.


We can take some consolation by the inclusion of Nokia's "Smart Camera" software , which is debuting on the Lumia 925. The technology enables users to take 10 shots in rapid-succession and choose the best one. You can then further edit the photo using Nokia's comprehensive software.


Both the Lumia 925 and Lumia 920 have 4.5 inch touch-screen displays running at a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels. However, the freshly unveiled smartphone utilises AMOLED display technology , which will offer improved colour reproduction.


Nokia Lumia 925 v Lumia 920 : The Verdict


The Nokia Lumia 925 is slimmer, lighter and more stylish than the Nokia Lumia 920. It seems that Nokia are keen to compete more directly with premium smartphones, such as Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S4.


The toned-down colour range , the premium aluminium frame and it's compact form are sure to help win over consumers. Even with the lower on-board memory and lack of support for wireless charging , we can't see why anyone would choose to buy the Lumia 920 over the new smartphone.


3G will bring you a full review of the Nokia Lumia 925 shortly, so keep posted to get the full lowdown on Nokia's Windows Phone 8 smartphone.


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