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Samsung Galaxy S3 Officially Unveiled

By Simon Thomas on 04th May 2012

Samsung have unveiled the Samsung Galaxy SIII and after a huge amount of speculation over the last couple of months the smartphone is pretty much as we expected.


The Galaxy S3 adopts a new  curvier design than the Galaxy S2 which provides a stylish appearance and also ensures its both comfortable and ergonomic. When the smartphone launches it'll be available in a choice of either Pebble Blue and Marble White !


The Galaxy SIII has a 4.8 inch Super AMOLED touch-screen which runs at 1280*720 pixels (720p). This is a larger screen than was rumoured by any of the leaks and we assume that the success of the Galaxy Note played a huge part in Samsung's decision to include such a large display.


We already knew the Galaxy SIII would be powered by a Samsung quad-core Exynos processor. The processor is a 1.4 Ghz quad-core processor which has twice the performance of the previous chip, while at the same time improving power efficiency by 20 per cent. On-board memory is available in a choice of either 16,32 or 64GB.


The Galaxy S3 has an 8 mega-pixel camera which has zero shutter lag which automatically zooms in on people's faces. It also has a front-facing 1.9 mega-pixel camera which can be used to record HD video and to make video calls.


Samsung also unveiled their answer to Siri, which has been one of the main draws of the iPhone 4S. Samsung S-Voice works in a very similar way to Apple's solution and enables you to open your camera, wake-up the smartphone and conduct searches all by using your voice. You can also conduct many other functions such as turning your mobiles alarm off, raising and lowering the volume and much much more.


The Galaxy SIII runs on Android 4.0 meaning it benefits from all the latest in mobile technology. Samsung have even expanded on Android's "Beam" feature which enables you to send files using NFC. Samsung S-Beam enables you to send a 1GB file in 3 minutes , which is much faster than using Bluetooth.


You also benefit from all the other features of Android 4.0 including Visual Voicemail , Face Unlocking and the new redesigned user-interface. The smartphone also supports NFC, which means you can use your mobile to pay for items in supported retail outlets !


The Samsung Galaxy SIII will be released at the end of this month in Europe before being rolled out worldwide. Once 3G get news of what operators the smartphone will be available on we'll let you know !

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