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Nokia Asha Smartphones Now Support Mail For Exchange

By Simon Thomas on 08th May 2012


Nokia have announced that they've released a beta version of Mail For Exchange for both the Nokia Asha 302 and Asha 303.


This is the first time that "Mail for Exchange" has been supported on a Symbian Series 40 smartphone. Mail For Exchange uses a popular Microsoft protocol to communicate with corporate Microsoft Exchange servers , which enables business users to access their emails, calender and contacts on their Nokia Asha smartphone.


When using Mail for Exchange you can check and read and reply to all of your emails, view all your contacts as well as being able to check your calender. Additionally, it will automatically sync with your Exchange account meaning any changes you make will be updated on both ends !


You can download Mail for Exchange beta for the Nokia Asha 302 or Asha 303 by clicking here.


The Nokia Asha 302 and 303 are perfect for business users looking for a more affordable business smartphone. You can read 3G's full review of the Nokia Asha 302 by clicking here  or  read more about the Nokia Asha 303 by clicking here.


You can view the latest deals on the Nokia Asha 302 by clicking here.

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