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Everything Everywhere Complete T-Mobile and Orange Signal Sharing

By Simon Thomas on 24th May 2012

Everything Everywhere have announced that they've completed their project to enable T-Mobile and Orange customers to access either of the networks to improve signal and coverage. The move to share the network between both operators was one of the first things Everything Everywhere decided to do.


They came up with a great solution called "Smart Signal Sharing" which switches networks once a customers 3G signal drops below an acceptable level. If neither network can currently offer a good signal then your device will default back to a 2G signal.


Smartly Everything Everywhere will combine the data use on your tariff and won't separate the usage statistics on your bill making it easy for customers to understand. The overall outcome is that T-Mobile and Orange customers should benefit from improved mobile signal and mobile broadband speeds.


While this process is complete Everything Everywhere have another major goal to achieve, which is the roll-out of 4G. They have applied to the regulator OFCOM to transfer some of its extra wireless spectrum into a 4G network and hopes to roll it out by the end of the year.


However, some of the other operators who don't have any spare wireless spectrum are unhappy with the proposition and state that operators should have to wait until the 4G auctions take place at the end of this year before beginning the 4G roll-out. Three in particular are very opposed to Everything Everywhere's proposition and are even threatening to leave the UK market if OFCOM approve it.

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