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Everything Everywhere Announce Customer Service Revolution

By Simon Thomas on 31st May 2012

Everything Everywhere have announced that they are investing £50 million in overhauling their customer service department.


The company, who own both T-Mobile and Orange, are revolutionising customer service in the UK by ensuring that all of their staff are highly trained in both operating systems and smartphones.


Everything Everywhere have decided on this action because the amazing growth smartphones have achieved in the last couple of years. This has meant that both buying and using a smartphone has become much more complex and a lot of people demand greater help and advice .


Having staff that can advise you on which operating system to go with, the best smartphones and also the tariff that suits you will definitely help in recruiting customers. While the after-sales advice will ensure customers get the most out of their smartphone and remain happy.


Everything Everything have already tested this new approach to customer service and it proved hugely successful leading to this full roll-out across the UK. 3G hopes other networks follow suit because anything which leads to higher customer satisfaction is great news for everyone !

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# sales team/customer service: 0800 358 9048

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