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Windows Phone 7 - More Mango Features Unveiled

By Simon Thomas on 17th May 2011

The Windows Phone 7 "Mango" update is the first big update that will hit Microsoft's operating system.


Earlier in the month we wrote a story covering some of the major updates Mango will bring which included a music identification service, barcode scanner, podcast player and voice navigation for Bing Maps. Internet explorer 9 will also come with the update , as well as an improved user-interface.


This week even more features of the Mango update have been released in a podcast with two Microsoft employees.


The first of which is that Facebook Chat will now be integrated within the Messaging application , making it even easier to chat with your friends. Secondly, Office 365 will be added to the OS with support for Skydrive. Skydrive is a cloud based storage solution where all users get 25GB of  space to store their photos, music, videos and documents.


The Xbox Live feature contained within Windows Phone 7 will also see a huge renovation with improvements to the Gamehub and better integration. The fourth new feature unveiled is a new grouping feature that enables you to send messages and emails to all people contained within a group at once.


Another neat addition is to the lock screen which now features music player controls and details of  the music currently playing. It's a neat feature for those who use their mobile as a "Walkman".


The only other feature mentioned, but not confirmed, is the ability to use your Windows smartphone as a WiFi hotspot. This feature has been supported in Android smartphones for a long time and it now seems it'll be added to the Windows operating system.


Once we at 3G hear more about the Windows Phone 7 Mango update we'll let you know.

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