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iPhone 5 Standard and Pro What Could Be The Differences ?

By Simon Thomas on 09th May 2011

The iPhone 5 looks like it will launch in both Standard and Pro versions according to the latest internet rumours. So the obvious question that comes to mind is what is the difference the two versions?


We can only speculate on what the differences might be but the first and most obvious thing is that the Pro version is likely to have more onboard memory than the standard iPhone 5.  Infact, this could be the only difference between the two.


However, it's also possible that the iPhone 5 Pro could have both 3G and WiFi support while the standard version will only support WiFi.  Additionally, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that the Pro version could come with more RAM or a slightly faster processor, but due to economies of scale we think this is unlikely.


A huge outside chance is that the Pro version could feature a physical QWERTY keyboard, but we think this is very unlikely but we still can't rule it out. Other features could be unique to the iPhone 5 pro such as NFC and similar such unique features. If Apple was being particulary sneaky they could remove some standard features, such as microSD support and make them exclusive to the Pro version.


What is likely to be true is that the Pro version could come with additional software pre-loaded such as Office suites. Another possibility is that Pro mobile owners could get new updates earlier and get exclusive applications.


Once we hear more about the iPhone 5 we'll let you know.

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