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Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with $500 worth of apps, services and subscriptions

By Simon Thomas on 05th March 2014

 Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy Gifts should also make it to the UK


Samsung in the US have confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will come with $500 (~£300) of applications, premium services and subscriptions.


The rewards - branded 'Samsung Galaxy Gifts' - include fitness, news, productivity applications and even special offers on PayPal (worth $50). The vast majority of the gifts would carry over to the UK, so we see no reason why they won't be offered to Galaxy S5 owners in the UK.


It's no surprise to offer a large amount of free gifts focused on the fitness sector, given that the Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone to have a heartbeat sensor. Free fitness gifts include premium subscriptions to RunKeeper (1 year worth $20), Skimble ( 6 months worth $42), Lark (1 year worth $36) and Map My Fitness (6 months worth $36).


Business users in the US will be thrilled to hear that the Galaxy S5 will come with a free 12 month subscription to the Wall Street Journal (worth $160), a 12 month subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek + (worth $30) and a 3 month LinkedIn premium account (worth $75).


Galaxy Gifts that boost productivity include free downloads of the EasilyDo Pro and Flick Dat applications. You'll get 50GB of storage on 'Box' for 6 months (worth $60) and 1TB of cloud storage for 3 months on Bitcasa (worth $30), as well as a 3 month premium subscription to Evernote (worth 15).


Samsung Galaxy Gifts


Samsung have been criticised for adding a lot of 'bloatware' to their smartphones in the past, but presumably the 'Galaxy Gifts' will need to be downloaded and installed manually - enabling users to pick and choose the ones they desire.


What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Gifts? Are they a factor in your decision on whether or not you'll buy the Galaxy S4? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Gifts for the Galaxy S5 here.


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