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Samsung Galaxy S5 stock shortages could be on the horizon as production woes continue

By Simon Thomas on 26th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will begin shipping to customers across the world next month and right now we're worried there won't be enough stock to go around.


Samsung have already had a fire at one of their production plants which damaged equipment and stock of smartphones. Now they are apparently having trouble producing the camera modules for their flagship smartphone.


Centering the optics for the Galaxy S5's 16MP camera is proving challenging and to make matters worse they are having stability issues in coating the camera lens.


Apparently, that is going to mean that just 4-5 million Galaxy S5's will be made available at launch. To put that in perspective Samsung made 5-7 million Galaxy S4's at launch and its successor it's expected to be even more popular.


Pre-orders begin on March 28th in the UK and it'll interesting to see how much stock is made available and what date the smartphone will begin shipping. It's quite possible that stock of certain models or colours could be limited at first.


Samsung had better resolve the issues fast and get the Galaxy S5 on the market because the HTC One M8 is already shipping to customers across the world and the Sony Xperia Z2 is already available to pre-order with deliveries set to begin on April 10th.


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