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Samsung Galaxy S5: Five great features you should know about

By Simon Thomas on 17th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year and it was recently revealed at MWC. It’s due out on April 11th and is likely to carry a rather steep £600 price tag.


Being the latest Galaxy S smartphone it’s sure to sell on its name alone, but with a price like that it could really use some extra features to help it stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately it has some, so read on to hear about the five great features of the Galaxy S5, which make it more than just a more powerful version of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Fingerprint scanner


Samsung Galaxy S5 Finger Scanner
The single most exciting feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is arguably its fingerprint scanner. It’s not the first phone to feature one as both Apple and HTC beat it to the punch, but it is the first Samsung phone to have one and that’s a big deal in itself.

More than that though it has the potential to be the most versatile smartphone fingerprint scanner around. Initially it can be used not just to unlock the phone, but you can also assign up to seven other prints to launch straight into specific apps.

But it’s set to get even better as Samsung has given developers access to the fingerprint scanners API, which means they’ll be able to implement the scanner in their own applications, so in future you might be able to log into any number of apps using it and even have it replace your password for payments.

Heart rate monitor


Samsung Galaxy S5 Heartbeat Sensor
Somewhat surprisingly Samsung also built a heart rate monitor into the Galaxy S5 and this is a first for smartphones.

It’s buried beneath the main camera and you simply hold your finger over the lens for a few seconds while a red light passes through it and measures your pulse.

It’s a feature which may go unused by many people but for anyone serious about health and fitness it’s a useful innovation, as while you can get standalone devices to measure your heart rate there are clear advantages to having the feature built into a phone, as you’ll always have the handset with you and it means one less thing to carry around, which is especially useful when you’re out jogging or doing other physical activity where you’ll want to travel light.

Dust and water resistant


Samsung Galaxy S5 Waterproof and DustProof
More and more phones are becoming dust and water resistant and it’s great to see, as not only are smartphones quite expensive but they also tend to be very fragile, so it’s nice to have one that you can safely use in the rain or put down next to a drink without fears of spilling it.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is IP67 certified, which means it’s completely dust tight and can be immersed in up to one metre of water for up to thirty minutes.

4K video recording

The Galaxy S5 has seen a number of camera improvements over its predecessor and one of the biggest new features is that it can now record 4K video. That’s 3840 x 2160. Most phones are stuck shooting in 1080p at 30fps but the Galaxy S5 can manage 2160p at 30fps, or if you’d rather stick to 1080p it can shoot it at 60fps.

The increase in resolution is a big deal for anyone who’s serious about shooting video on their phone, the visual quality will be much higher, especially when blown up and it even makes it more viable for shooting professional footage on.


ISOCELL camera


Another improvement to the Galaxy S5’s camera is that it now uses ISOCELL technology. What does that mean? Well essentially it means that each pixel is in an individual cell, which means there’s less crosstalk between them, 30% less to be precise. In real terms that means that low light photos have less noise and each pixel is also able to capture 30% more light, for more detailed images.

So not only can the Galaxy S5 shoot higher resolution videos than the Galaxy S4 and most of its competitors but it can also take better photos and the improvements to low light shots are particularly welcome as most smartphones really struggle with that.

All in all it’s a fantastic phone with enough stand out features to justify its £600 price tag.


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