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Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition Arrives With Stomach Turning Price Tag

By Kevin Thomas on 14th March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been available for almost a year now and it’s sold in ludicrous numbers, but perhaps sales are waning because Samsung has seen fit to unleash a new version of the handset.

That new version is called the Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition. It’s a confusing name because in fact the normal Samsung Galaxy S4 is already available in black, but the difference here is that the Black Edition has a soft-touch faux leather back, rather than the glossy plastic back of the normal Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s debatably an improvement, but not by much, as it’s still just plastic and it doesn’t feel like leather.

Other than that there are a few exclusive wallpapers and ringtones, but the phone itself has exactly the same specs as the normal Galaxy S4. Oh, and did we mention that it’s being sold for £500?

To put that into perspective you can now pick up the standard version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 for around £325, so essentially you’re paying £175 more for a different but not necessarily better back and a few ringtones and wallpapers.

That’s hardly what we’d call good value, especially when the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be launching shortly, rendering this expensive oddity all but obsolete.

If for some reason you do fancy the Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition it’s exclusive to Phones4U in the UK. Now, to be fair, Phones4U actually charges just as much for the standard Galaxy S4, so in its eyes the S4 Black Edition probably isn’t a rip off at all, but the difference is that no-one has to buy the Galaxy S4 from Phones4U, while if you want the Black Edition you do.


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