A lightbulb controlled by your smartphone? Yep, meet the LG Smart Lamp


 LG Smart Lamp

The latest barmy creation to come out of Korea is the LG Smart Lamp. It's basically a bulb that can hookup to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


When connected to an Android or iOS device users can control the brightness of the lamp. But that's just the beginning because you can also set the lamp to flash when you have an incoming call and it can also act as a light-based alarm.


As if that wasn't enough, the LG Smart Lamp can also be set to flash in time to music making it the perfect party companion.


It's not all fun and games because it also has a 'Security Mode' that enables users to control lights remotely - making it appear as though someone is at home when you are infact basking on the beach somewhere.


The LG Smart Lamp is now available to buy in Korea where it's priced at the equivalent of £20. Each bulb is supposed to last 10 years which makes it pretty good value in our eyes. Now we just need LG to bring it to the UK.


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By Simon Thomas on 24th March, 2014

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