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LG G Watch could be our first taste of Android Wear

By Kevin Thomas on 21st March 2014

LG G Watch

Smartwatches have been around for a while but it looks like 2014 could be the year when they truly take off. More and more manufacturers are embracing them, Apple’s iWatch is hotly rumoured and Google has even unveiled a version of Android built specifically for wearables called, logically enough, Android Wear.

The LG G Watch will be one of the first devices running Android Wear and with both LG and Google involved it could certainly do well.


Not much is known about the device yet but apparently it will be here in the second quarter of the year. What we do know about it all stems from the fact that it uses Android Wear, an OS which promises to give users relevant information as and when they need it by leveraging the power of Google Now. So for example it might tell you if there’s traffic on your route to work before you leave in the morning or give you train information when you’re at a station.

Anything it doesn’t give you automatically can be handled with voice controls, just like Google Now on a smartphone. You can carry out web searches, reply to messages and more all without ever having to press a button or tap a screen.

It makes a lot of sense as smart watches are so much smaller than smartphones. The specifications and price of the LG G Watch are yet to be announced, but with a release due in potentially just a few months we should know more soon, so stay tuned.

Samsung might be trying to make waves with its Tizen powered Gear range but we have a feeling that it’s Android Wear which will really bring smart watches to the mainstream.

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