Apple release iPhone 5C 8GB at a new low-price


Apple iPhone 5C


One of the major criticisms aimed at Apple's iPhone 5C has always been that its price is too close to that of the premium iPhone 5S. Apple have looked to remedy the situation by launching a new lower-priced 8GB version of their colourful iPhone.


The Apple iPhone 5C 8GB is now available to order from the Apple Store for £429, which makes it £40 cheaper than the 16GB model. Importantly, that also makes it £120 cheaper than the lowest-priced iPhone 5S (16GB).


A reduction in the amount of on-board memory is the only difference between the iPhone 5C 8GB and the other versions. It's available in the same White, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green versions and all versions are now in stock.


O2 are already offering the new 8GB iPhone 5C which is £5 a month cheaper than the 16GB version. Presumably, the other operators will also stocking the new model where it'll also be available on lower-priced tariffs.


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Does the new lower-priced 8GB iPhone 5C tempt you, or do you still think the iPhone 5S is better value? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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By Simon Thomas on 18th March, 2014

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