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HTC One M8: Five great reasons to upgrade

By Simon Thomas on 28th March 2014

 HTC One M8 Gunmetal Grey

The HTC One M8 has arrived and comes complete with a high-end specification, a stunning premium unibody design and a whole suite of new software. Brilliantly, it went on sale the very same day that it was unveiled meaning it's now shipping to consumers across the world.


People across the world are now considering whether they should upgrade their current smartphone to the HTC One M8. To help you with this difficult decision we've put together a list of what we believe are the 5 best features of HTC's smartphone.


So enough of the preamble and on with the great features of the HTC One M8!


Premium Unibody Design

HTC One M8 Colours

The HTC One M8 continues the trend set with the original HTC One, which won numerous awards for its premium unibody aluminium design. This time around its brushed aluminium design has smaller bezels and it now comes in 3 stunning new colours (Gunmetal Grey, Silver and Amber Gold).


Over 90 per cent of the handset's chassis and internals is made from metal (up from 70 per cent previously) and the internals of the smartphone have been stacked resulting in a thin yet durable build. Its ergonomic design is curved to naturally fit your hand.


Once you get the HTC One M8 in your hands you won't ever want to let it go!


Duo Camera with Ultrapixel



With the HTC One M8 you get not just one but two rear-facing cameras (or Duo Camera) which adds more depth to snaps and offers the ability to alter images retrospectively.


At the press of a single button the Ultrapixel and Depth Information cameras take shots in tandem, enabling users to change the focus and add stunning effects to photos after they've been taken. The great camera effects include:

  • UFOCUS - Allows users to bring blurred objects into focus after shooting.
  • FOREGROUNDER - Focus on the subject by applying an effect on the background.
  • ONE-TOUCH PHOTO EFFECTS - Choose from 12 different photo filters that can be applied after shooting.
  • COPY AND PASTE - Copy and paste your friend into a picture
  • DIMENSIONS PLUS - Give photos a 3D-like impression of depth.
  • SEASONS - Add seasonal effects to your images.

As if that wasn't enough the Ultrapixel camera takes snaps with pixels twice the size of average cameras. That enables it to capture 300% more light ensuring you get stunning photos even in poor lighting conditions.


Overall, when it comes to taking photos the HTC One M8 is pretty tough to beat.


HTC BoomSound

 HTC BoomSound

Music playback has always been a strength of HTC's smartphone, but the HTC One M8 takes things to a whole new level with a new and improved HTC BoomSound experience.


The HTC One M8 has dual-front facing speakers (.85cc top speaker and .80cc bottom speaker) and a multi-band amplifier that deliver a maximum output of around 95 decibels. However loud you blast out your tunes they'll remain crystal-clear and distortion free thanks to HTC's clever software and propriety membrane excursion direct control.


Love music? Then you'll love the new HTC One M8!


HTC Sense TV

 HTC Sense TV

The HTC One M8 is the perfect TV companion because it doubles as a remote control and so much more.


Changing channels and turning up the volume is no problem at all, but you can also access a graphics-based programme guide that helps you find programs fast. The intelligent remote also suggests new programmes you might like based on your viewing preferences.


You can join in the debate when watching your favourite programme because real-time Facebook and Twitter updates will appear in the graphics guide. While, sports fans will love 'HTC Sense TV Sports' which helps you find which channel a match is on, delivers real-time score updates, stats feed and live social updates.


Who needs a Logitech Harmony when you've got the HTC One M8!


HTC BlinkFeed

 HTC BlinkFeed

HTC BlinkFeed is back delivering a personalised stream of online content to your homescreen in seconds. That includes everything from social network updates, breaking news, sports scores and much more from over 10,000 online sources.


Everything is customisable so you only get information that is relevant to you and service is just about to get even better because it's now been opened up to 3rd-party developers, bringing even more of your favourite content to your stream.



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