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Motorola X - What Do We Know So Far ?

By Simon Thomas on 25th March 2013

The Motorola X first appeared in rumours at the end of January. But what do we know about Google's smartphone so far ?


Ever since Google acquired Motorola we've been waiting patiently for the two companies to launch their first smartphone together.


We heard about the Motorola X Phone at the end of January and now fresh rumours about the smartphone have surfaced giving us more detail about the smartphone, which is expected to be unveiled in May.


The Motorola X is only a code-name with the mobile likely to launch under a different title. The mobile is the first true Google smartphone and for this reason we expect the name to omit Motorola's branding entirely.


What do we know about the Motorola X so far ?


First Android Key Lime Pie Smartphone


The Motorola X is expected to be the first device to run on Android Key Lime Pie, which is the upcoming version of Google's operating system.


Historically, Google has always launched new versions of Android on its own branded devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Ice Cream Sandwich) and the Nexus 7 (Jelly Bean). Therefore, we're pretty confident the X will launch the new platform.


Motorola X  - Stunning Next-Gen Specification


New rumours have given us the details on the specification of the Motorola X and its looking like a truly stunning piece of kit !


The smartphone will come with a 4.8 inch touch-screen display that will incorporate "Sapphire Glass". The new glass technology is 3 times stronger than Gorilla Glass, while the Motorola X is also thought to be water-proof a la Sony's Xperia Z.


Powering the mobile is a 2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor which will be even more powerful than the Galaxy S4's chip. You'll need a solid battery to power such a beastly CPU and thankfully the Motorola X is rumoured to have a whopping 4000 mAh battery.


Motorola X  Launch Date & Price

The Motorola X is expected to be unveiled in May before going to launch in November. The November release date applies to the US market, but we don't see any reason why it shouldn't launch in the UK at the same time.

At the current time we don't have any details on the smartphones price, but based on it's specification it's likely to cost around £500. As soon as 3G hear more about the Motorola X we'll let you know !


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