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iPhone Mini - The Lowdown On Apple's Affordable iPhone

By Simon Thomas on 06th March 2013

Apple have only ever offered one iPhone model with the previous version effectively becoming the more affordable alternative. However, it looks like that could be about to change with Apple rumoured to be unveiling a lower-cost iPhone Mini alongside the iPhone 5S this summer.


The iPhone 5S will succeed the current iPhone 5 and is expected to have a 5 inch Retina display thought to run at 1920*1080 pixel resolution. Just yesterday we heard that Apple's iPhone 5 will come with a finger-print sensor making it very James Bond , but this is currently unconfirmed.


You can read all about Apple's iPhone 5S in our in-depth look at the smartphone here.


What do we know about the iPhone Mini ?


Apple's iPhone Mini, which we've also heard will be called the iPhone Air, will be a more affordable version of the fully-fledged iPhone.  The smartphone is expected to be unveiled in June and is rumoured to be 50 per cent cheaper than the fully-sized iPhone.


New rumours suggest that Apple's iPhone Mini will be aimed at younger users who don't have the capital or means to invest in the iPhone 5S. Apparently, it'll have a smaller non-Retina display which will make it more portable and will go a long way towards keeping costs down.


The iPhone 5's premium feel and stunning design is one of the things that sets it apart from its rivals. However, it looks like the iPhone Mini will adopt a polycarbonate (plastic) design to keep the costs and its weight down.


The overall specification will also include a number of sacrifices and we expect the on-board memory to be slashed, while the processing power and camera specification look sure to be lowered.  Apparently, the smartphone will also remove support for 4G LTE but we hope that doesn't prove to be accurate.


When will the iPhone Mini launch and how much will it cost ?


The iPhone Mini will be unveiled in June before going on to launch in August according to rumours circulating the webosphere. While, all rumours point to it being priced around $330 (£220) which is under half the cost of the entry-level iPhone 5 (£529).


How will the market react to Apple's iPhone Mini ?


We're pretty sure there are a whole host of people interested in buying a more affordable model of Apple's iPhone. While, a price-point of £220 would appeal to a lot of users and we can see it proving hugely popular with younger users.


However, the market didn't respond favourably to Apple's iPad Mini due to the tablets lack of a Retina display. In our eyes Apple got the price-point wrong by pricing the iPad Mini too close to the full iPad and we hope they've learnt from the mistake.


3G will continue to bring you news of the iPhone Mini and iPhone 5S as soon as fresh details surface.

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