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iPhone 6 – Three versions expected

By Kevin Thomas on 18th March 2013

A number of industry experts are predicting that the iPhone 6 will arrive in Q1 2014, but until now, we've heard nothing about what models could be in the iPhone 6 series of smartphones.


iPhone 6 - a designers' view


As you can imagine the iPhone 6 is likely being developed in the Apple Research Lab, so it would be of interest to see how an independent designer would develop it  i.e. a designers perspective. Enter Peter Zigich - more on this below. Of course, no one actually knows if the iPhone 6 will ever be launched, for all we know the iPhone 5’s replacement could be renamed e.g. iPhone 2014.


Peter Zigich forecasts that there will be three models in the new iPhone 6 series and has also produced mock-ups so we can visualise how this all slots together.


iPhone 6 - the series of models


The first in the iPhone 6 series, as forecast by Zigich, will be the regular iPhone 6 measuring 124mm x 59mm x 7.6mm. He decided that we loved the iconic home button so much he would keep it. However, he has decided Apple will move this to the side of the phone which will allow Apple’s designers to incorporate a larger display screen. In fact, he finally decided to go for 2 home buttons, one located on each of the phone's sides. The larger display screen will give us all another row of icons to play with.



Mr Zigich forecasts two more iPhone 6 variants which will make up the series. These are the iPhone 6 Mini and the iPhone 6 XL. The three models can be seen placed on top of each other ( see top photo ) and above to show the size comparison alongside the iPhone 5.


The iPhone 6 Mini is seen as the mid-range mass market model for the series and the iPhone 6 XL more akin to the high end market. Zigich has even outlined target prices of $600 for the iPhone 6, $450 for the iPhone Mini and $900 for the iPhone 6 XL, phew.


More on the iPhone 6 soon and thanks to Peter Zigich who has put a lot of time into formulating his design methodology for the iPhone 6.


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