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TuneWiki Application Examined By Three !

By Simon Thomas on 13th March 2012


Three have been sharing their favourite mobile applications and one of the application chosen was TuneWiki.


TuneWiki is a music application that is very similar to Spotify because it can identify the music playing on your radio or stereo. This is a really neat feature because everyone knows how annoying it can be to hear a song you like and not being able to find out the song name and artist.


Furthermore, just like Spotify the application can display the lyrics of a track as they its playing, which helps you sing along Karaoke style. Unlike Spotify ,  the WikiTune application is totally free to download, so we can understand why Three have chosen it as one of their favourite applications !


The video above shows the application in use and explains why it was chosen as one of Three's favourite applications.


The WikiTune application is available for Apple devices, Google Android , Nokia Symbian and Windows Smartphones. You can download WiKiTune for your mobile device by clicking here.

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