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The Best Nokia Apps - an overview by

By Jeff Baker on 09th March 2012

There are several apps available to Nokia users, and the 3 mobile store provides users with a wide variety of them.  On the 3 phone website, it is possible that users may hit upon a 3 mobile deal, and end up with an app for a lower price than they expected.  The apps to be found in the 3shop may serve a helpful purpose for the user, or they may be used simply for good old-fashioned fun: the best of these apps are described below. 


When discussing the important apps for any mobile provider, invariably social media apps are going to come up.  Nokia offers a Facebook app, where people can use their Facebook account as usual.  The same is true of the Twitter app offered by Nokia.  Of course, these two apps are among the most popular of all Nokia apps.  IM for Nokia is another important app for those who want to stay in touch.  This app is an alternative to texting, and can be used among people who have Nokia devices.


There are several practical apps offered to Nokia users, including Nokia Maps, which offers detailed instructions on how to get a particular destination.  For those taking a trip, Kayak offers a means of checking on their flight times, and also helps with finding the optimal route.  Once the user has reached their destination, they can use the TripAdvisor app to find out the best restaurants in the area, as well as the notable attractions.


Nokia Situations is yet another practical app, but in a different sense.  This is an app that allows users to optimize the performance of their Nokia device by allowing them to make detailed option changes.  There are also pre-set modes that can be chosen for the device, such as “Sleeping” or “Playing Games”.  


For those interested in making bids or selling items with their Nokia device, the eBay app is an important one to have.  People involved in an auction need to have a constant means of checking up on it, which is where the primary value of this app lies.     


There are many apps out there that allow users to keep tabs on the news.  Pulse is a popular one for Nokia, as it allows users to customize the type of news they get.  If they wish, users can filter their news in terms of source, or they can filter it in terms of subject.  BBC News Mobile is an app that allows UK residents to keep in touch with UK news, even if they are abroad. There are many people who simply need to keep track of their sports news, and for them there is the ESPN ScoreCentre app.  This app offers the latest scores, as well as news updates from a wide variety of sports.  The SkySports News app focuses particularly on the British sporting world, with a particular emphasis on cricket, rugby and football, among other sports.     


Of course, there are many Nokia apps that are available just so that users can entertain themselves.  The YouTube app is an important one to have, allowing as it does access to videos from throughout the world. 


Also in the realm of entertainment apps is the gaming app.  There are many gaming apps available to Nokia users, including the popular Angry Birds game.  Flight Control, which is a nod to classic Nintendo flying games, has also become a popular choice among Nokia users.  Plants v. Zombies is yet another popular game for Nokia users.  The simplicity of this game, as well as the quirkiness of its premise, has helped to make it a popular choice.  Doodle Jump is another game available to Nokia users that is rooted in simplicity.  There are also more classic game choices available to Nokia users, such as Tetris.       


For those looking for Nokia apps, the three shop is a great place to look, especially because of the variety offered on this website.  By browsing through the apps being offered, people may be surprised at the useful and entertaining things they find.

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