Tag Heuer Racer Luxury Smartphone Unveiled !



Tag Heuer have unveiled the Racer, which is a luxury smartphone that is inspired by GT and F1 cars.


The luxury smartphone uses materials found in racing cars, which Tag Heuer have long been involved in. It features a shock-proof rubber chassis which is supported and strengthened by titanium and carbon fiber bridges.


The video above gives an up-close look at the stunning design of the Tag Heuer Racer, but gives very little detail about its specification. The only thing we do know is that it'll feature a fast processor and will run on the latest version of Android. We presume that means it'll run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich , which is a great bonus !


One thing we do know is the price, which comes in a staggering 2800 Euros (£2300).  You'll be able to pickup the smartphone from Tag-Heuer retailers from July. As soon as 3G hears anything more about the Tag Heuer Racer we'll be sure to let you know !

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By Simon Thomas on 15th March, 2012

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