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Nokia Transport Now Available On Lumia Smartphones

By Simon Thomas on 05th March 2012


Nokia Transport was made available for Symbian Belle last year and Nokia have now released a beta version of the application for its Lumia smartphones.


Nokia Transport is a navigation application aimed at taking you from your  door to your destination on public transport. It'll work from the moment you leave your house until you arrive at your destination and will utilise walking, buses, trains and even trams to find the best possible route !


The application will also offer multiple routes and you can easily choose the one you prefer based on the factors important to you. You can also choose to view earlier and later departures than the one originally chosen , which is useful if your situation changes.


Nokia Transport Beta also enables you to save your favoured routes ,  so you can access them from anywhere. Supported cities include London, Barcelona, New York and many more !


You can download the Nokia Transport Beta for Lumia smartphones by clicking here.

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