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New iPad Temperature Problem Verified !

By Simon Thomas on 21st March 2012

Yesterday , we brought you news that some users were reporting overheating problems with the New iPad and the situation has now developed further.


Consumer Reports did a study to test whether the New iPad has overheating problems and the results showed that the New iPad is running significantly hotter than the iPad 2.


After a 45 minute gaming session the New iPad clocked in at 116 degrees which is over 10 degrees higher than the iPad 2 reached in the same test. Interestingly, both devices were running at over the recommended operating temperatures set by Apple (95F), but the New iPad was running signficantly higher.


The report also verified what users were reporting which is that the temperature on the reverse of the iPad effects the corner of the device much more than elsewhere. This suggests the battery is located in that area and the problem probably originates due to the larger battery included in the New iPad.


Apple are still yet to respond to the problem, but as soon as 3G hears any new information you'll be the first to know.




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