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New iPad Overheating In The Sun ?

By Simon Thomas on 20th March 2012

The New iPad has sold in record numbers since its launch on Friday, but like a lot of recent Apple launches it seems the new device has some teething problems.

Some users have reported that the New iPad is overheating which causes it to shut down into "cool down mode". Certain users have even reported that their iPad has become too hot to hold, especially in the bottom-left hand corner which we assume is where the battery is contained.


America is seeing the hottest March for 100 years , but the temperatures still don't exceed Apple's operating temperatures (0° to 35° C) , so its rather worrying to see. Apparently, Apple has built this cooling mode into all of its hardware to stop them over-heating. However, this is the first time we've ever heard of it being activated in normal conditions.


Apple have yet to comment on the problem, but as soon as 3G hears any new information we'll let you know.






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