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iPad Mini To Have 5 Inch Touch-Screen ?

By Simon Thomas on 29th March 2012

Apple have been rumoured to be working on an iPad Mini for some time in response to the success of the Amazon Kindle Fire, which has been selling amazing well in the States. However, they now have another rival to watch out for in the Samsung Galaxy Note (pictured above), which recently hit 5 million sales worldwide.


The latest rumours suggest that the iPad Mini will have a 5 inch touch-screen, which is roughly the same size as Samsung's device. With Samsung being Apple's closest rival in the mobile device market it would make sense for them to react to any success the Korean company has.


The rumours, which originate from Japanese site Macotakara, suggest the iPad Mini's 5 inch touch-screen will run at a resolution of at least 1280*960 pixels and could be as high as 1600x960.


The only downside to this new leak is that the iPad Mini isn't expected to hit the market until 2013, which seems so far away right now !



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