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Foxconn Recruiting 20,000 Employees To Produce iPhone 5

By Simon Thomas on 26th March 2012

The latest news coming from China suggests that production of the iPhone 5 is about to hit the big time!


Foxconn who will be manufacturing the new iPhone are recruiting 20,000 employees in order to facilitate production of the iPhone 5 at its plant in North China. It seems like the company are looking for as many employees as they can get their hands on due to striking of their original workforce.


The iPhone 5 is expected to launch in October, which is the standard release schedule for new Apple devices. However, very little concrete information is known about the new mobile and with so many rumours circulating its hard to know what to believe.


Our instincts tell us it'll have at least a 720p HD Retina display and a quad-core processor, while we'd also expect a vastly improved camera with a 10 mega-pixel the most likely inclusion. Outside shots that have been rumoured include a 3D camera or display and a physical QWERTY keyboard.


Just today we heard rumours that the Apple iPhone 5 would feature "Ultrasonic Bonding" technology which would make it both stronger and lighter than previous models. Ultrasonic Bonding works by joining together plastic and metal which brings you both the strength of metal and keeps the weight down because of the plastic.


As soon as we hear anything new about the iPhone 5 you'll be the first to know.




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