Dropbox for Android Adds Automatic Photo Uploading


Dropbox Android

Dropbox have released a new version of their cloud-based storage application for Google Android.


The new version of Dropbox adds automatic photo uploading support, which is a superb feature that should be offered by every cloud-based storage service.


After installing the new version you'll be prompted to enable automatic photo uploading. Additionally, you can choose whether to upload photos on WiFi or WiFi and 3G. This option had to be included to control data usage over 3G.


Earlier this month Three issued a tutorial on how to use Dropbox, which can view by clicking here.


The beauty of using cloud-based storage is that your files can be accessed on multiple devices from one place. Additionally, if you lose your smartphone your private data is safe. The basic Dropbox account gets you 2GB of space, which you can upgrade at a cost.


You can download Dropbox for Android from the Android Market by clicking here !

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By Simon Thomas on 01st March, 2012

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