Blackberry Showcase Mini Keyboard For Blackberry Playbook



Blackberry have released a video showcasing the new Mini Keyboard accessory for their Blackberry Playbook tablet.


The Mini Keyboard plugs into your Blackberry Playbook which effectively turns it into a laptop. This means you can use a full keyboard with your Playbook, which is a huge plus especially for the kind of clientele Blackberry attract.


However, it gets even better because the Mini Keyboard has a built-in Citrix receiver which enables you to run Windows 7 on your Playbook. The Windows platform runs very similar to on the desktop and even supports right-clicking , which is achieved by touching two fingers on the tablet's display.


The Mini Keyboard also works with a large number of Blackberry's applications including Messages, Contacts and Calendar apps as well as Documents To Go.


The Mini Keyboard doubles as a stand for your Playbook and a single charge can last an amazing 30 days. You can buy the Blackberry Mini Keyboard for around £75, which is  great value if you ask us at 3G !

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By Simon Thomas on 21st March, 2012

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