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Apple Unveil The New iPad !

By Simon Thomas on 08th March 2012

Apple have unveiled the "new iPad" , which is the successor to the Apple iPad 2.


The whole world was expecting Apple to unveil the iPad 3, but we've got the new iPad instead. Just like the iPhone 4S was to the iPhone 4, the new iPad is more evolutionary than revolutionary.


The new iPad has a new and improved Retina display, which is still the same 9.7 inch display, but has a vastly improved pixel count. Infact, the new iPad has a pixel count four times higher than the iPad 2 (2048*1536 pixels), which makes it the highest resolution display on any mobile device.


In order to accommodate this higher resolution display you need more power and Apple has included a new A5X chip. The A5X chip has a dual-core processor and quad-core graphics, which ensures smooth operation and also provides amazing game performance.



Apple have also included a new 5 mega-pixel camera on the New iPad which has iSight camera technology. The new camera can record amazing 1080p HD videos at 30 frames per second, which you can turn into a "Hollywood" movie trailer using the included iMovie software.


The new iPad also supports 4G (LTE), but sadly in the UK we won't be able to take advantage of the improved speeds because 4G won't be available here until next year at the earliest.


Software improvements


The Apple iPad also has a  number of software improvements with the first being the inclusion of iOS 5.1.


New apps  include the previously described iMovies application, as well as iPhoto which enables you to easily browse and edit your photos. The final new application is Garageband, which enables a number of iPads to connect together to play instruments as a band.


The new iPad also supports Dictation which enables you to use your voice to write text messages, update your Facebook status and much more.


When does the new iPad launch and what are the prices ?

The new iPad will go on sale on March 16th and prices will start from £399, which will get you a 16GB WiFi only version. Across the whole range the 3G version costs £100 more than the WiFi only one.


The 32GB WiFi only iPad costs £479 , while the top of the range 64GB WiFi only model costs £559. That means for all singing and dancing WiFi and 3G 64GB iPad your looking at £659.


In the UK the new iPad will be available from Three, O2, Vodafone and Orange. You can visit the Three store to find out more by clicking here.


So what do 3G think of the new Apple iPad ?


 Our initial reaction is that we're disappointed not to see a revolutionary new iPad 3 with a quad-core processor and Siri , but we kind of expected Apple to release an updated iPad 2.


The new camera looks like a vast improvement on the older one, while the new processor and graphics chip will provide more than enough power to drive the amazing new Retina display. The addition of 4G is also great news for those in the US , but doesn't make any difference to us in the UK.


The new Retina display is the main new attraction of the new iPad and we can't wait to get a look at it, especially when playing back 1080p movies which could turn out to be one of the main reasons to upgrade.


Overall the changes Apple have made our good and will tide us over while Apple works on the next revolutionary product, the iPad 3 !

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