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UPDATED : 23rd July, 2014

With most of the Android big-hitters out of the way the path is clear for Apple’s iPhone 6 to stomp all over the latter part of the year.


A new iPhone always generates a tremendous amount of excitement but this time around it looks like Apple could be making a lot of changes, making it more exciting and intriguing than ever. At this stage it’s all rumour of course, so nothing’s set in stone, but there’s a whole lot to go on and most of it sounds very promising indeed.


Release date and price

The last few iPhone’s have all been launched in September and there’s no reason to think that the new one will be any different, but if you want evidence then how about the fact that according to ifun.de German Apple store employees are having limitations put on their holiday time in September, which certainly suggests a big launch of some kind.

In terms of a specific date a German mobile network has told its staff that the phone will be launching on 19th September according to Apple Insider. On the other hand china.com is reporting that it will be announced on September 15th but not launch until the 25th, though that’s the launch date for China so it’s possible that some other countries will get it slightly earlier, perhaps on the 19th.

China.com also revealed an alleged starting price of 5288 Yuan (roughly £497) for the 4.7 inch model and 5998 Yuan (around £564) for the 16GB 5.5 inch handset, which if anything would make it slightly cheaper than the £549 RRP of the iPhone 5S, though of course that won’t be accounting for VAT and local taxes. 

China.com also revealed an alleged starting price of 5288 Yuan (roughly £497) for the 4.7 inch model and 5998 Yuan (around £564) for the 16GB 5.5 inch handset, which if anything would make it slightly cheaper than the £549 RRP of the iPhone 5S, though of course that won’t be accounting for VAT and local taxes. 

The most recent news again points to a September 19th launch, with a promotional flyer out of China saying as much, as well as listing prices that equate to £650 for the 4.7 inch model and £800 for the 5.5 inch handset. While the earlier prices sound a little low, these sound too high, especially for the larger phone, so maybe Apple will meet us in the middle.

It looks like Apple’s gearing up for record breaking sales too, as The Wall Street Journal reports that it’s ordered between 70 and 80 million units of the smartphone. By comparison there were initial orders made for between 50 and 60 million of last year’s models.

Worryingly though the company has apparently ordered enough display components for 120 million iPhones, as it expects to have issues with them. It seems like the issues may be limited to the larger 5.5 inch model, as other reports claim that production on that handset has been delayed to mid or late August, while the 4.7 inch model is likely to start being built imminently.



One of the biggest changes we’re expecting to see in the iPhone 6 is a larger screen. So far Apple has kept the screens on the small side, with the iPhone 5S coming in at just 4 inches. That suits a lot of people fine but the wider smartphone market is finding great success in larger screen sizes and Apple seems to want to get in on that.


It’s rumoured that the new handset may in fact come in at two different size points. There’ll be the main iPhone 6 which is thought to have a 4.7 inch display and then there may also be a phablet sized device with either a 5.5 or 5.7 inch screen. Just about every leak regarding the iPhone 6 has pointed to a larger screen, so we’re almost certain that we’ll see one.

Apple iPhone 6 Concept by Johnny Plaid

With increased size we’re also expecting an increased resolution. Exactly what resolution that will be isn’t known for sure but we’ve also heard that Apple has been testing a 1704 x 960 display, which would allow the device to keep the same aspect ratio while increasing the resolution.


That’s still not quite full HD, but on a 4.7 inch iPhone it will lead to a pixel density of 416 pixels per inch, while the 5.5 inch phablet would be looking at 355 pixels per inch, both of which are higher than the current 326ppi retina display standard.


So the iPhone 6 screen will probably be bigger and higher resolution, but it may also be a lot stronger. Apple has bought up vast quantities of Sapphire Crystal glass, a material which is far stronger than the glass currently used in phone screens. However it’s also a lot more expensive, so we’re not entirely convinced it will be used for screens as big as the iPhone 6 one, because doing so would likely drive the price way up. Our money is on it being used for the iWatch instead, but you never know.


In fact recent rumours suggest we may well be in for a sapphire screen, with various stress test videos popping up showing that the iPhone 6 display (or things that are supposedly iPhone 6 displays) can withstand scrapes, scratches and bangs, suggesting a stronger material, like sapphire.

It’s far from indestructible though as a YouTube video from Marques Brownlee showed it come off the worse for wear when pitted against sandpaper. That also suggests it’s not pure sapphire as pure sapphire would have been able to survive the sandpaper scratch-free.



Given that the iPhone 6 will likely have a bigger screen than its predecessor it’s logical to assume that it will also have a bigger body. The exact dimensions aren’t known, but a design schematic leaked to Macotakara suggests that it will be 66m wide (the iPhone 5S is 58.6mm wide). However it also claims that the iPhone 6 will be just 7mm thick, making it slimmer than the 7.6mm iPhone 5S.


More recent rumours have also supported the idea of a super-slim handset but you needn’t worry about the battery size taking a hit as a result, because apparently it will have a similar or possibly even slightly larger capacity than the iPhone 5S.


As well as being super slim it’s thought that the iPhone 6 will have a curved design, more in line with the 3GS than the 5S.


iPhone 6


A video posted by ifanr.com gives us our first look at what is apparently the front panel of the iPhone 6. Not a dummy unit but the actual final production model, or something very close to it anyway. It doesn’t reveal a whole lot that wasn’t already known or suspected, really it looks a lot like the front of the iPhone 5S, albeit bigger obviously.


However there seems to be an extra sensor of some sort at the top, while the bezels are noticeably more curved, which fits with previous rumours of it being a more curved device overall.


iPhone 6


Around the same time as that video went online, serial leaker Sonny Dickson sent some images of the front panel to 9to5Mac, giving us a clear look at it.


iPhone 6


It also looks like the volume and power buttons might have been changed slightly, going by some images taken by Apple.Club.tw. The photos aren’t much to look at but they show that the power and volume buttons are now two separate parts, when in previous models they were connected.


It’s believed that this has been done so that the power button can be relocated from the top of the handset to the right hand side, as it would be hard to reach it on the top given the increased size of the phone. It also looks as though the volume buttons are going to be larger this time around. 

 iPhone 6 Rear Panel

We’ve also seen some images of the back panel, with the most complete ones yet being revealed by uSwitch. The most interesting feature of these is the plastic Apple logo. It could well be that this will be used to improve reception or for NFC (since getting either through metal isn’t easy), but uSwitch theorises that as the plastic is semi-transparent it might light up to alert users of notifications.  

Apple iPhone 6 KitGuru
Most exciting of all we’ve now seen what is purportedly the first image of a fully complete iPhone 6. The photo comes from KitGuru which has accurately leaked iPhone snaps in the past, so it could be legitimate. It’s also largely in line with what we’ve already seen, including rounded edges and redesigned buttons.



Apple A8 Processor


The iPhone 5S has a dual-core Apple A7 processor, so we’re expecting the iPhone 6 to have an A8 processor. The number of cores may go up as well, with rumours suggesting we could be in for a quad-core handset.


However whether dual or quad-core it’s thought that Apple will be more focussed on providing efficiency in order to improve the battery life than on delivering massive performance boosts.


Though other rumours, this time from cnBeta.com, suggest that it will still be dual-core, albeit clocked at a much faster 2GHz (the iPhone 5S is just 1.3GHz).


Little has been said about the RAM. The iPhone 5S only has 1GB so we’d be surprised if the iPhone 6 has more than 2GB and there may be no increase at all given that the 5S doesn’t seem to have any problems running well on that little RAM. But even if it does stick with 1GB it might be faster, as industry watcher Matt Margolis reckons that Apple is going to switch to faster LPDDR4 DRAM.



There have been various conflicting rumours surrounding the iPhone 6’s camera. We’ve heard talk of a 13 megapixel sensor but the most prevalent rumours point to Apple sticking with an 8 megapixel one.


That doesn’t mean the camera won’t be getting better though. There have been reports that Apple will be both upping the pixel size, to allow more light in and including Electronic Image Stabilisation, to minimise the effects of camera shake. So expect a refined but not revolutionised camera.



The iPhone 6 is obviously going to run iOS 8, especially now that the software has been announced and it’s also a safe bet that it will come with Touch ID and a motion co-processor just like the iPhone 5S.


But we might see some new features too. It’s unlikely that any of these will be as substantial as the aforementioned ones, but it looks like the iPhone 6 might include NFC as various sources suggest as much.


It’s also possible that the iPhone 6 might support wireless charging, as Apple has filed a patent regarding the technology. This is less likely though as Apple files all sorts of patents and they often don’t turn into anything.


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By Kevin Thomas on 23rd July, 2014

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