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iOS 8 lets you share videos faster than ever

By Simon Thomas on 16th June 2014

Apple iOS 8 Video Sharing


There are a lot of new features hidden away in iOS 8. Many of the bigger ones such as the keyboard improvements and the Health app have been heavily documented already but others seem to have fallen a little under the radar.


One new feature you might not have heard about is the new way that you can send a video to contacts. As Apple explains on its iOS 8 preview site (though only if you dig down into the messaging section) you’ll soon be able to share what you’re seeing almost as soon as you see it.


Right now to share a video on iOS you have to tap the media button, then select the video option, then record the video and then press send. With iOS 8 you’ll still have to tap the media button, but if you keep your finger held on it a radial menu pops up letting you swipe up to take a photo or right to shoot a video, so if you swipe right it will instantly start recording, then once you’re done you simply swipe up to send it.


So essentially Apple has simplified the whole process, removing some steps and using swipe gestures in place of taps for a faster, more intuitive way of shooting and sending videos.


It might not sound like a big change but we’d wager that people will be far more inclined to send videos when it’s that quick and seamless to do so and it’s all part of the gradually evolving ways in which we interact with our touch screen devices to make every aspect of their operation fast and simple.


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