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iOS 8 Beta 2 now available

By Kevin Thomas on 23rd June 2014

Apple iOS 8

The official launch of iOS 8 is still a few months away but if you just can’t wait that long there is a beta version that you can get your hands on now.

In fact we’re already up to the second beta version. The first one was full of bugs and this one is slightly less full of bugs, but as it’s still a work in progress it’s far from stable. In fact the list of known issues is worryingly long and includes major problems such as reduced battery life and FaceTime not working properly in landscape orientation.

So we really can’t recommend downloading it. In fact it’s only really meant for developers so that they can make and update apps for iOS 8 ahead of it's official launch.

If you really want to take it for a test drive though you’ll have to sign up to the iOS developer program. This is open to anyone, developer or not, but it costs $99 per year, so it’s a steep price to pay to get an early look at an unstable version of Apple’s latest iOS update.

It’s also not easy to roll back to iOS 7, so that’s yet another reason not to take the risk. On the other hand, you will get early access to HomeKit, various Siri improvements, Apple’s new Health app, an improved keyboard which now supports third party extensions, enhanced OS X integration and various other tweaks and improvements.

Half of them probably don’t work properly yet, but they’re in there for the daring iOS adventurers among you.


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