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Google Glass now on sale in the UK, but will the controversy continue on our shores?

By Simon Thomas on 25th June 2014


Google Glass Explorers

Google Glass has finally landed in the UK with Google's wearable technology now available to buy from Google Play. However, you'll have to reach deep into your pockets because they are priced at a whopping £1000.

A total of 5 colours are available (Charcoal Black, Tangerine, Cotton White, Sky Blue and Shale Grey) and those who purchase a pair will get to choose a pair of 'Shades' or 'Frames' free (~£120 RRP). There are a number of stylish Frames available, along with Shades aimed at those with more active lifestyles available.

Google are reporting that Glass will ship to consumers in 1-2 business days and those who purchase a pair will effectively be taking part in Google's public beta of the technology. In a couple of months time Google are expected to launch a more affordable version of Glass aimed at the general consumer. 

Privacy concerns, assaults and robberies

Testing of Google Glass in the US, which has been going for months already, hasn't been without controversy. Google Glass has been banned by a number of US retailers to protect the privacy of its patrons from being snapped or recorded unwittingly. There's even been talk of a version of Glass launching without a camera.

While, on a more worrying note a number of US citizens have been robbed and assaulted in the street for the precious gadget. While, some fervent privacy campaigners have even been destroying other people's Google Glass to signify their protect against Google's technology.

It remains to see how the UK public will react to Google Glass, but the technology is undoubtedly here to stay and Google Glass offers a whole lot of useful features that can bring convenience and added spice to everyday life. 


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