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Google Glass gets a touch of style with new collection

By Kevin Thomas on 09th June 2014

Google Glass New Collection


The biggest problem with Google Glass, other perhaps than the exorbitant price tag, is that as appealing as the idea of smart glasses might be the reality so far has been rather visually unappealing, which given that they sit extremely visibly on your face is quite a big obstacle.

But they’re getting better. Google has come up with various new designs of its own, such as lightweight titanium frames and now the company has partnered with Diane von Furstenberg’s fashion studio DVF to create a range of new frames.


These are the first designs that haven’t been made by Google itself and getting a fashion company to come up with them rather than a tech company certainly makes sense in terms of injecting some style. DVF has designed a variety of different shapes and styles, most of which are more stylish than Google’s in-house offerings.

They still suffer from having essentially a mini computer protruding over the top of the right lens, but the impact of that is minimised by either making it the same colour as the frames or a colour which nicely complements them.

To be honest, we’re still not sure they’re anywhere near as stylish as a normal pair of glasses could be and we’re not sure they ever will be until Google can shrink the technology down, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Whether it’s enough of a step to justify the $1620 (£963) price for sunglasses and the $1725 (£1025) price for prescription glasses is questionable, but then Google Glass was hardly cheap to begin with. If you’re interested in splashing out on the new lenses they go on sale on the 23rd of June, though like regular Google Glass they’re only available in the US for now.


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