iOS 8 to give users manual control over camera settings


Apple iOS 8 Camera
Apple iOS 8 will give users more control over the camera with manual settings for shutter speed, focus, white balance, exposure bias and ISO.
Until now iOS has only allowed users to toggle HDR (High-Dynamic Range), switch to video recording mode or change to the front-facing camera. While, everything else was handled automatically by Apple's software.
That'll still be the case in Apple's own native camera application in iOS 8. However, those who like more control over their pictures will now be able install a custom camera app to tweak almost all settings related to the camera.
By adjusting IOS and shutter speed users will be able to brighten a scene and reduce noise, while manually adjusting the focus will open up potential for whole new shots. Basically, the change will make the iPhone a more viable option for budding photographers.
Presumably, app developers across the world are frantically scrambling around to produce the premier 3rd party camera application for Apple's iOS 8 platform. As soon as we get more information you'll be the first to know!

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By Simon Thomas on 19th June, 2014

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