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Amazon smartphone coming soon with 3D display

By Kevin Thomas on 06th June 2014

Amazon smartphone coming soon with 3D display


An Amazon smartphone has long been rumoured and it looks like it will soon become a reality. The company is holding an event on June 18th to reveal a device which is strongly believed to be the company’s handset ( the photo above is taken from the teaser video below).


So what can you expect from it? Well, TechCrunch claims to have received confirmation that not only is the device launching on the 18th of June but that it will have a screen capable of 3D effects and not only that, it will also feature motion controls, allowing users for example to either tilt their head or the handset to scroll webpages or move between screens.


Both the motion tracking and 3D effects are apparently handled by four cameras on the front of the phone, coupled with Omron’s Okao Vision face sensing technology.


It sounds intriguing, though TechCrunch’s sources report that at launch the 3D abilities of the phone will be very limited and instead Amazon will be hoping that third party developers build the technology into their apps.


Specs wise it’s believed that the Amazon phone with have a 4.7 inch 720p display, so it won’t be as sharp as most high end handsets. It’s also thought that it will have a Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM and that as well as the four cameras dedicated to motion tracking it will also have a fifth front-facing camera for taking photos along with a 13 megapixel camera on the back.


It’s also assumed that the handset will run FireOS, the heavily modified version of Android employed on Amazon’s tablets. That means there won’t be any access to Google Play or most other Google services.


It’s not known when the phone will launch, what it will be called or how much it will cost but with any luck that will all be revealed on the 18th of June and despite the fancy tech involved we’d wager that it will undercut the most expensive smartphones on the market, as Amazon’s approach has for a long time been to sell hardware cheap and rely on the software and media sales that inevitably come with it.



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