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T-Mobile and Everything Everywhere To Be Incorporated Into Orange

By Simon Thomas on 19th June 2012

Everything Everywhere, who own both T-Mobile and Orange, are understood to have received a takeover bid from former CEO Tom Alexander who is backed up by private investment firms KKR and Apax.


According to the Telegraph an £8bn takeover bid has been made by the consortium which would make it one of the largest private-equity deals in the UK.


Since the merger Orange and T-Mobile have remained separate operators although they are both sold in Everything Everywhere's retail outlets. However, if the takeover is complete its understood that both companies will be incorporated into the Orange brand.


T-Mobile and Orange have recently completed the pooling together of its networks to ensure customers on both operators get the best mobile coverage and data speeds. In many ways the companies are already acting as one entity, apart from offering different tariffs and trading under a different name.


The move to make it a single brand seems like a good idea to reduce consumer confusion. We assume that Orange is seen as the stronger brand and thats why its been chosen over T-Mobile or Everything Everywhere.


As soon as we get more news about the takeover bid we'll let you know !





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