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Samsung Unveil TecTiles NFC Tags !

By Simon Thomas on 13th June 2012

Samsung have unveiled "Tectiles" for the Samsung Galaxy SIII which enables users to programme NFC tags to control their smartphone.


The technology is essentially the same as Sony's Smart Tags and enables you to automate functions on your mobile by swiping it past an NFC sticker. For example, you can set your phone into silent mode when entering the office or set your alarm when entering the bedroom.


The Tectile tags can be programmed using Samsung's Tectile application which is available to download on the Galaxy SIII. A whole host of functions can be programmed into the NFC tags including :


  • Changing Settings & Applications e..g entering silent mode , screen brightness etc
  • Communication e.g. making a call, sending a text ,sharing contact details etc
  • Location & Web e.g. checking into Facebook, showing your address on a map etc
  • Social e..g updating Facebook status, posting a Tweet etc

Not only will personal users be able to use the tags but they can be incoporated into shops and retail outlets. For example, scanning the tag could open a resturants menu or alert staff that you need service.


The TecTiles are available to buy in a pack of 5 for $14.99 (£10) from the Samsung store , which seems a little pricey to us.


We assume Samsung plans to incorporate TecTile technology into all of its new smartphones and 3G thinks that NFC tagging software has huge potential and this is just the start of things to come !


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