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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 To Have Flexible Touch-screen ?

By Simon Thomas on 19th June 2012

Earlier this month we reported on rumours that Samsung would be launching the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note (pictured above) this October.


We've now heard fresh rumours, reported by Android Guys, that give us even more information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. According to these new rumours the Galaxy Note 2 will be the first Samsung device to feature a flexible AMOLED touch-screen.

Samsung have been working on flexible touch-screens for a very long time and we did hear earlier in the year that Samsung planned to launch devices with flexible displays before the end of 2012.Therefore, it's quite possible that when the Galaxy Note 2 launches in October it could have a flexible AMOLED display.


The touch-screen expected on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is thought to be 5.4 inches in size and will run at a resolution of 1680*1050 pixels.


In addition this new leak, originating from Korean website, suggests that the Galaxy Note 2 will launch running on Android Jelly Bean. This also seems quite feasable because October is around the time we expect Google's new operating system to land.


No other information was contained in this new leak but the previous one suggested that the Galaxy Note 2 would be powered by dual-core Exynos processor and would have a 12 mega-pixel camera.


We'll just to wait patiently until Samsung officially unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but 3G is already super-excited about the successor to the surprise hit of the year.



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