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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Leaked Online

By Simon Thomas on 07th June 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Note (pictured above) has gone on to be one of the biggest surprises in the last year and has sold 7 million units to date. Therefore, its no surprise to learn that Samsung are planning to launch a new version of the smartphone / tablet hybrid.


New rumours have emerged online giving some details about the unannounced Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Firstly, it looks like Samsung are going to bring an even larger touch-screen to the hybrid device because the Note 2 is rumoured to have a 5.5 inch touch-screen.


Apparently, this huge Super AMOLED touch-screen will run at 1680*1050 pixels, which is a full HD resolution and will facilitate amazing multi-media playback and web-browsing. 3G is slightly skeptical if Samsung would include such a high-resolution touch-screen because it just seems like overkill, but we'll have to wait and see.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also rumoured to have a dual-core Exynos 5 processor which will join forces with 1.5 GB to provide all the power one could ever need. Apparently, it'll also have an 8 mega-pixel camera and will support LTE in markets where the service is available.


We assume the Galaxy Note 2 will run on Android Jelly Bean because its launching in October which is around the time when the new operating system will launch. As soon as we get more news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 we'll let you know.




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